Friday, July 23, 2010



Red is the colour of heat and passion, blood and vitality. The many shades of the ruby give full expression to these powerful messages.

Given as a gift, the ruby communicates the warmth of genuine friendship or the fiery passion of love. Red is the colour of sexual energy, and wearing a ruby can boost personal power and sexuality by connecting us more deeply with our self-love. The ruby gives us the confidence and courage to reach our highest potential.

The healing power of the ruby works with the blood as an aid to circulation, clearing the blood of infection or germs.

This ruby seed bead necklace suspends a blood-red ruby at the tip of a baby lotus cross, pointing the way to the heart. The stones in this piece originated in Jaipur, India.

Ruby rings worn on the left hand feed their power to the heart, boosting the life force. Rubies should not be worn near the solar plexus, as they can disturb the energy there.

Set in gold in a simple yet meaningful motif of feminine empowerment, this eternity band features rubies of rich tone and hue. (Pictured here with another in emerald, birthstone for May.)

One of the four truly precious stones (emerald, diamond, sapphire being the others), some rubies can become more valuable because of inclusions in the stone. Known as the ‘silk’ of the ruby, fine needles of rutile, a naturally occurring mineral, reflect the light along lines shining straight back to the admirer.

Sitting delicately on the collarbones, this necklace of rubellite faceted beads offers five beautiful stones up to the light for appreciation.

The faceted cut of this earring and its drop setting give maximum opportunity for light to play.
The red of a ruby is magnetic, drawing attention to the power, passion and warmth of the stone and the one who wears it.
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