Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Golden Buddha... Condom (!)

from the island of the gods to the city of angels

Looking at the string bean thin sky scraper tall palms that line the streets of the city of angels, we understand how Dr. Seuss may have been inspired.

There were several highlights to my trip last month to the City of Angels and one of them was the 'artwalk' through Chinatown. The first saturday of every month the city's art galleries stay open late and its legal to walk around carrying alcoholic beverages! There was a lot of provocative art on display but one show really stood out for me. 'World Condom Project I : Natural Feelings' by Uudam Nguyen at Sabina Lee Gallery showcased larger than life sized condoms with flags painted on them. This show pushes the fine border between love and war, identity and power. The suspended ring of penises is like a crown or halo daring anyone to stand in the center and feel the endless / mindlessness of ego's and partriotism at its extreme. What really stopped me in my tracks was the 'little' condom with a golden Buddha painted on it... I had to question that... which lead to a theosophical conversation with Sabina Lee on why she was a catholic; she said Catholicism and Buddhism were the same and I should re-read the bible. I can't say I agree. Amen.