Monday, October 4, 2010

“TRI DATU: The Beauty and Protective Blessings of Silver, Copper and Brass"

NAGICIA Spring/Summer 2011 Jewelry collection. All NAGICIA collection's are hand-made in Bali; it combines the beauty of silver, copper and brass to express shapes and symbols inspired by nature and architecture of the magical island Bali.

In Hindu cultures, number 3 is the magic number, forming a triangular base for many beliefs, practices and rituals. The collection is inspired by the 3 faces of the Divine God-head, 3 states of being and 3 colors: Red, White and Black of Balinese Hindu tradition re-interpreted by NAGICIA as silver, copper and brass. Circle earrings with 3 color mini balls represent the ceremonial clothing worn by the Bali villagers to signal their readiness for blessing. The charm bracelets in woven rattan symbolize the colored threads placed on various body parts of the prayers to invoke power, strength and longevity. The spiritual pieces in this collection vary from Graviola (Sirsak) Leaf Rings,
3 color pendants resembling the temples, to braided leather necklaces with silver, copper and brass details. Linking the wearer with healing, protection and blessing enjoyed by Balinese, the TRI DATU Collection reminds us of the cyclic nature of our existence with its modern line combined with mystical metaphor.