Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kupu Kupu ~ Butterfly

Like delicate flowers in flight, Nagicia’s Kupu Kupu Collection skillfully captures the beauty of the butterfly in brass, silver and gemstones.
Beginning it’s life as an earth-bound caterpillar, this creature works diligently during it’s brief life to build a protective covering , a place to retreat and undergo remarkable change. The time spent inside the chrysalis is when the beauty of both colour and form are forged. The subsequent struggle to emerge from this self-imposed captivity builds the tremendous strength required for flight. This unique life cycle has come to stand as a symbol for personal transformation and emotional maturity, and the freedom they bring.
Kupu- kupu means butterfly in Indonesian, and Nagicia has forged this collection in shimmering brass and silver, adorning cut out wing designs with sparkling cubic zirconia and gemstones.