Sunday, April 4, 2010

Diamonds are a Gal's best friend and April's Birthstone

A Diamond improves one's finanacial position,
bringer of hope and clarity.

It has many strengths and few weaknesses. It is four times harder than sapphires and rubies.

The name “diamond” derives from the ancient Greek adamas (αδάμας), meaning invincible and from the latin Dia Monde which means gift for oral.

These shimmering stone have a significant impact on one's mental well being. They act as a binding and cohesive factor in relationships and stand for fidelity and commitment. These stunning stones also instill courage and fearlessness besides fuelling imagination and inventiveness.

Diamonds work wonders for allergies and build one's stamina, besides being beneficial for dizziness and vertigo. So now you know how multifaceted diamonds actually are. For all the ladies out there, you now have more reasons than one to wear and flaunt your best friend, the forever diamond.

Recycle them if you have them sitting in your safe collecting dust! This means taking your old diamond jewelry that you no longer wear to a reputable Jeweler. You can sell the gold for cash, which will enable you to refresh your diamonds into pieces that you will love to wear and show off.

The diamond above belonged to the owner's great-grandmother and was in the safe for a very long time. She finally got it out, it was set in the most tiniest band. We went for a clean modern new mounting.

The above is an example of an 18K gold ring consisting of diamonds from three different rings. They had been sitting in a safe for 10 years and now have a new lease on life as it never comes off the finger of the wearer.