Friday, April 11, 2014

Color Me Easter

A Treasure from the Island of the Gods


Happy Easter!

All we need is love, but a little chocolate doesn't hurt.

                                 April Birthstone is a Ladies Best Friend.  

The ancient Hindus believed that diamonds were created by lightning bolts that struck the Earth.  Greek legend entails that diamonds are the tears of the Gods, star splinters and crystallized lightening.  The stone is said to represent faith, loyalty, honesty, purity, love and innocence and bestow on the wearer peace and fulfilling relationships.  The world’s most precious gem is said to inspire creativity in individuals and bring its owner protection, wealth and happiness.

Nagicia Root ring with diamond 
made to order 

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A carry-all for your Easter weekend. Ular tote in golden yellow USD499.

One of our best sellers - Le Croissant in cobraskin USD269.

Sirsak Leaf earring in nude USD50.

Sirsak Leaf ring in nude USD105.

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