Friday, May 29, 2009


I have been embracing the quiet and simple kampung (village) life-style in Bali for the last eleven years, but being a city gal at heart welcome a healthy dose of hyper city activity every once in awhile. I have begun to go on sales trips to Jakarta this past year to sell at the AWA and ANZA bazaars. I must thank my dear friends Suzanne D' Angelo (Zann jewelry) and Gillian Arnold (China Blue jewelry) for introducing me to Jakarta. I love staying in Gillian's home in Kemang because it is full of beautiful and curious objets, books and framed pictures covering every wall space. She also puts on a proper afternoon tea and has a revolving door policy that brings an endless flow of guests dining at her table.

In early May the AWA bazaar happened to coincide with the premiere of "Mengejar Ombak" ( a surf / doc directed by David Arnold, Gillian's 27 -yo son! It was nominated for 3 and won 2 awards at Sundance Film Festival. Gede Suryana is a 23 - yo Javanese who stays true to his humble origins despite all the limelight. Watch the film and see for yourselves this young surfer with the enigmatic smile is going to go far! In June David will take the film to Spain for the San Sebastian film festival!

Sidenote: Gillian drives everywhere, very elegantly I must add, see the pic of parking space we slipped into at Hero Supermarket, not for the handicapped but for LADIES!!!
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